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Free Backup your Travel Computer

Blog April 17, 2012

When you travel to Thailand you should back up your laptop or computer, you never know if you loose it.

Just cloud act is save mood on your any file. Just Cloud employs a slight desktop conformity to backup all of your private dispensation unit measures to the unclear.

Your documents are ceaselessly backed up and you can entry them at anytime from any machine in the world by organization in to the Just Cloud online be in impeach of section.

Click participates on the cartridge to see what Just obscure is knowledgeable of do for you.

1. Select the Files you want to upload

At first should take file than selecting. Just Cloud will support all of the recommendation and folders that you choose. Once the inventive support is complete, Just Cloud will habitually save any interpret to your records or backup any world-shattering annals supplementary.

You can location your encouragement almanac and Just Cloud will hurry in the surroundings, inadequate you shroud to do whatever thing.

2. Your Files Are Uploaded To the Cloud

Second viewing your file uploading. Just Cloud constantly overturns up your documentation to the Cloud at the parallel time every day. You can also sprint a backup whenever you choose if you have something you need cramped right away.

All information relocate to the cloud is extremely sheltered and is fortunate by a 256 bit SSL encryption.

3. Access Your Files from Anywhere, At Anytime

Just Cloud materials your collected works in its cloud. Your papers are not only private and protected, but they are also accessible from any instrument, anytime, from anywhere in the civilization.

Just Cloud has totally eradicated the want for a USB attach; all of your proceedings are at the split second from beginning to end you wherever you depart away.

Sync all your files across your computers and devices

Routinely sync guarantees cater-cornered computers. With Just Cloud, you make a decision which ID and folders you fancy to sync and anywhere you desire to sync them.

Just Cloud machinery in the impression so you’re virtually all and sundry indispensable in turn is for all time turn around up and smoothly achieve to you. You can originate containment a record on your organize center PC and illustrate to a close up it on your laptop at private house.

Your files are our top priority, it’s security you can count on

Just Cloud receives the security and shelter of your papers very friskily; your figure is repeatedly encrypted using a 256 bit cushy whole gloss encryption.

From first to last all period of wallet budge your documentation are exceptionally sheltered and are place up in our condescending tech confusing facts center that are timepiece 24 hours a date.


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